Saturday Morning Mens Lawn Tennis Association

"The best tennis competition in South Australia".

If you love competition tennis, and
- you love playing on lawn, and

- you live in Adelaide, and

- you are all male . . .

. . . then this is the competition for you.

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SEASON 2023-24 is on its way!!
Now is the time to get excited and organised.

You should already have the Team Nomination forms and AGM information.
If not, contact me immediately (Ray - 0401 120 149).

- Team Nominations Forms due   - 22 SEPT.
- Annual General Meeting is on   -  27 SEPT

As you may know, Tennis Aust / Tennis SA has now made it MANDATORY that every competitive player MUST have a UTR . . . AND have it linked to their Tennis ID. ==> Otherwise you cannot add them to your squad/team in the system.

Tennis SA has "tried" to make this easier through their website, specifically this address:
( )

Whilst this is not critical till the end of September, best to get on to it ASAP.


Make sure matches start on time:
     - 8:30am - get to the venue for hit-up.
     - 8:45am - Start the match. (If you are late, no hit-up).
     - 9:00am - Forfeits can be claimed.

State League or Metro League Div 1
Any player nominated for, or playing in the Tennis South Australia State League competition or division 1 of the Metro League competition or equivalent grade or standard, must play in Division 1 (one).





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New Sponsors always welcome.
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